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Establishing Dental Habits Early Creates A Healthier Smile for Life

Children are born free of dental disease, yet by adulthood a significant proportion of the population has active gum disease and most people have experienced some tooth decay or even tooth loss. Even babies can get tooth decay, making it important to put good oral hygiene habits in place even before teeth erupt by using a damp, clean washcloth in lieu of a toothbrush. 

Teach your kids to brush at least twice a day, and floss regularly. Making dental hygiene a family activity enables you to lead by example, and ensure your childrens’ dental health stays in tip top shape. Incorporating dental care as part of your daily routine sets your little ones up for healthier smiles long term.

Our Family-Friendly Practice and Paediatric Dentists

At Southview Dental Care, our team is well-versed in treating every age group in your family. Our team of highly-qualified childrens dentists are quite experienced in paediatric dentistry, making dental care fun and interesting for your little ones.

We offer a calm environment, gentle approach, and deliver impeccable dental care for infants, toddlers, children, and teens. Every age group has particular dental needs as children grow and change. 

Children's dentist Kent - Southview Dental Care

When Should Your Child Start Seeing the Paediatric Dentist?

Babies start sprouting teeth early — usually around six months old. Once those teeth start erupting, it’s time to schedule your baby’s first dental appointment. 

Our aim is to provide your child with the best dental care available to secure their dental health for a lifetime. We ask patients to bring their children with them starting at an early age, so we can see them regularly and help them grow up free from dental disease. If you haven’t brought your little one in to see us in their first year, the next best time for their first appointment is now — book your appointment today.

Reasons to Take Your Child to the Paediatric Dentist

We’ve met people who assume children’s teeth require less treatment because they consider primary teeth less important than the permanent ones. This assumption couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact, here are some reasons why it’s important for children to see the dentist:

  • We can see how well you clean your child’s teeth at home, and provide instructions for improvement, if necessary
  • Our expertise, tools, and technology enable us to detect and correct problems immediately
  • We teach your children the importance of caring for their teeth
  • Children who start visiting the paediatric dentist early tend to have a more positive opinion of going to the dentist
  • We can provide personalised treatment plans to address alignment issues or other irregularities
  • Our team can help guide parents in correcting habits like finger-sucking, pacifier use, or teeth grinding
Children's dentist Kent - Southview Dental Care

How to Make Your Child’s Dentist Appointment As Pleasant As Possible

Parents always want their children to feel safe and comfortable. Some of our team members are parents themselves, and they understand exactly how you’re feeling. Here are four tips for guardians to help their child have a better visit to our practice:

  1. Schedule the appointment for a time when the child is alert and fresh, like first thing in the morning or after they’re usually up from a nap.
  2. Give your child an idea of what to expect, so they feel prepared for the visit.
  3. Stay calm and give moral support to your child throughout their visit with the dentist. Children can pick up on the dental anxieties of others, so if you are stressed out by going to the dentist, it may be more beneficial to have another family member attend in your place.
  4. Let us know in advance if your child has any requirements we should accommodate to make their visit more pleasant.

Familiarity also helps children stay calmer during their dental appointments. We recommend that parents or guardians remain consistent, bringing their little ones to the practice every six months for a check-up.

Does Your Little One Need to See the Childrens’ Dentist?

Just like adults, children may need dental treatments to improve the health of their teeth and gums. Please get in touch with our practice to ask questions and get more information on the best options for your child’s dental care.

Children's dentist Kent - Southview Dental Care

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