Dental Implants: Replace Missing Teeth and Restore Confidence

Dental Implants: Replace Missing Teeth and Restore Confidence - Southview Dental Care

Having a bright and confident smile can benefit your life in many ways. Not only will straighter teeth boost your confidence, it will improve your oral health and help with first impressions. Dental implants, provided by your dentist in Kent, can help with this.

Dental implants are miniature titanium metal rods which are fixed into your jawbone. After a few months into the treatment, your jawbone and rods will bond together to replicate a tooth root. This provides a secure base for missing teeth, dental bridges and dentures. As a result, you will find daily tasks like talking and eating much easier.

How it works

Your initial consultation will consist of an in-depth assessment of your mouth and its surrounding bone. This is to ensure you have sufficient bone to support dental implants and your gums are healthy enough to avoid infection. If you do not meet the requirements, additional treatment may be recommended to you.

The aftercare of dental implants asks for you to be cautious with what you are eating and drinking. Advice and recommendations regarding diet and other appropriate care will be given to you during your consultation. Aftercare will also involve regular appointments to your hygienist to monitor the treatment progress.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Improved Comfort

Other dental treatments have been known for effecting simple daily tasks. However, with dental implants eating and talking can be a lot more comfortable. Dental implants provide the comfort that removable dentures don’t always deliver, and provide the convenience of not having to be removed and replaced routinely, as they remain in place.

Greater Self Esteem

An improved smile can have a wonderful effect on your self-esteem. Increased self-esteem can help you to feel more confident within yourself, your career and your personal life. This can help you greatly during meetings, interviews and socialising for more effective communication.

Long Lasting

When the appropriate care is given, dental implants can be a long lasting treatment. They can remain secure on your jaw and be a low maintenance option for many years. The right care will involve everything you should with natural teeth, including brushing twice daily. Not forgetting regular hygienist appointments to monitor your treatment.

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At Southview Dental Care, we provide a range of dental treatments to help you gain a healthier and happier smile. Dental implants are a fantastic replacement for missing teeth, filling the gaps in your smile and helping to keep your mouth healthy.

From the initial consultation to aftercare, our team of professionals will guide you through the entire process. For further information, book online today or call 01732 865021.

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