Looking after your teeth this summer

Looking after your teeth this summer

Although you should look after your teeth all year round, summer can bring its own set of issues that can affect your pearly whites. Whether it’s eating sugary foods like ice cream, or sipping ice cold fizzy drinks on a hot day, there’s only so much your teeth can stand.

At Southview Dental Care, we’ve put our heads together to come up our top tips on how to best look after your teeth this summer.

Drink water, not bubbles

In the hot weather, sometimes there’s nothing better than a nice, cold glass of fizz. We all know the dangers of sugary, fizzy drinks and how they can rot your teeth, but even sugar free ones have their pitfalls. Sugar free carbonated drinks use a mixture of substances that can corrode the teeth, such as citric acid. Where possible, swap your fizz for water to help preserve your teeth.

Start the season with a fresh toothbrush

Old toothbrushes can lose bristles and cleaning capability, so it’s important to replace your toothbrush every three to four months. Why not invest in a new one for the new season?

Stay off the snacks

Thanks to most of us having more downtime in the summer, it can be tempting to snack on sugary treats. This is especially true if we’re on holiday or milling around the house, where we might not be as busy as normal. Sugary snacks can lead to cavities, the build-up of plaque and gum disease, so think twice before you eat another biscuit or ice cream.

Schedule a mid-year oral health check

The average person should have their teeth checked by their dentist every six to twelve months. Scheduling in a summer oral health check will ensure that you’re on top of any small issues before they become particularly costly or painful. Not only that, but you can make sure that you’re not going to end up in agony with a hole in your tooth while on the other side of the world.

Protect your lips

Most of us remember to put sun cream on in hot weather, but do you also remember to put on a UV lip balm? With the skin on our lips being particularly thin, they are at risk of burning. Protecting them makes sure you’re doing all you can to ward off burning and oral cancer.

Pack a dental first aid kit

If you’re going on holiday, don’t forget to take a dental first aid kit. They’re inexpensive, readily available, and could save you a whole lot of bother when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere.

At Southview Dental Care, we have a strong focus on preventative dentistry and offer routine appointments, check-ups and cosmetic dentistry as well as fixed and invisible braces. If you’re in search of a Kent-based dentist, call us today on: 01732 865021, or email: [email protected].

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