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Dental Hygienists Help You Avoid Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

Our hygienists can help you to maintain a healthy mouth, avoiding problems such as decay and gum disease (the biggest cause of tooth loss in adults). 

Cavities are a type of tooth decay, they are tiny openings or holes in the teeth caused by mouth bacteria, poor tooth cleaning habits, sugary drinks or snacks and more. Though you may not be aware of a cavity forming in your mouth, a dental hygienist may be able to identify it immediately. They will work with the dentist to remove the decay and instruct you on how to prevent possible future cavities.

Gum disease is a common condition, and can cause bad breath, and sore, swollen or bleeding gums. If left untreated, gum disease can eventually lead to tooth loss. In some patients, gum disease can also affect your overall health, with links now established between gum disease, heart disease, diabetes and strokes.

Hygienist Kent - Southview Dental Care

Six Things Your Dental Hygienist in Kent Does

Our team of hygienists are terrific people, and they’re even more amazing because of all the services they provide to our patients. During your visit, our dental hygienists do these six things and more:

    1. Collect and review your dental history and medical information. Our team uses this information to understand any changes to your health (including medications and allergies), assess your oral health risks and form your personalised dental treatment plan.
    2. Screen patients for tooth decay and oral health diseases. Your hygienist will check your head, neck and mouth, and identify potential problem areas before you even see the dentist. During your visit, they may also take dental X-rays to detect issues inside the teeth.
    3. Perform an in-depth dental cleaning. Using several tools and techniques, your hygienist removes tartar, stains and plaque (a constantly-forming layer of sticky bacteria which causes gum disease), then deep cleans your teeth to give you a brighter smile.
    4. Educate patients on preventative care and apply precautionary treatments. Following cleaning, the hygienist may apply fluoride or sealant application to protect and strengthen your teeth.
    5. Teach patients better home dental hygiene habits. Since you only see the dental hygienist a couple of times a year, they make sure to educate patients on how to better care for their teeth and gums. Their objective is to help you improve and maintain good dental health long term.
    6. Documenting your visit and dental treatments. Your hygienist reports any areas of concern to the dentist, helps educate patients on potential treatment options and creates and updates your dental records to keep track of everything that was discussed during your appointment. 
Hygienist Kent - Southview Dental Care

What Can You Expect During a Visit with Our Hygienists?

Our hygienists are personable professionals with a diligent and gentle approach when it comes to helping patients with their dental hygiene. 

During your dental appointment, our hygienists go through the six tasks above, leaving you with fresh and clean teeth and a follow-up treatment plan for any dental issues uncovered during your visit.

Our hygienists can also offer you lots of helpful advice on the best way to care for your teeth and gums, including an effective daily cleaning routine and following a healthy diet. They’re easy to speak with and happy to answer any dental hygiene questions you may have. 

Get a Dental Professional’s Opinion on Your Oral Health

Our dental hygienists always deliver impeccable patient care. Their dedication to serving each person with an individualised approach makes our patients happy to come back and ask for them by name. Please get in touch if you would like to book an appointment with one of our wonderful hygienists.

Hygienist Kent - Southview Dental Care

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