Dental implants

Dental implants

Are dental implants for you?

For several years now, dental implants have been a really popular option for replacing a missing tooth or teeth. They are a great alternative to leaving a gap in your mouth for all to see. Many people think that dental implants are only possible for individual missing teeth, but this isn’t the case. Not only is an implant capable of supporting an individual tooth, but it can also support a bridge or dentures, so it can be used to support any replacements that you require. This makes it a very flexible option. Having dental implants is straightforward and involves only a few visits to the surgery. So what is involved in having them?

What are they?

Basically, implants are artificial roots that are placed into or onto your jawbone (there are different types). These roots are tiny rods that are made of titanium metal. Over a relatively short period of time they bond with the jawbone and become naturalised to the jaw environment. Once this has happened a tooth or bridge can be attached making it strong and resilient because it is attached to a firm base.

What is involved?

Implants work best on people who have good oral health and healthy gums that are free of disease in order to ensure there is no risk of infection. If your gums are currently not in tip top condition, then this will have to be treated first. It is also important to have enough bone to attach the rods to, but this can also be achieved with prior treatment. In order to make an assessment of your current oral health our experienced team will see you for an initial appointment and talk through your options. If you are ready for the treatment they will advise you on the treatment plan itself, costs, length of time taken, after care required and of course, answer any questions or concerns you may have.

What about after care?

Once the implant work has been completed all that remains for you to do is to care for it. This isn’t an onerous task. In the first few weeks this means taking extra care with what you eat and drink. Otherwise all you really need to do is maintain a good cleaning and care regime, as you would with your other teeth. Dental implants are strong and hard wearing and will not need to be regularly replaced. This makes them a great investment.

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