How can Veneers Improve your Smile?

Looking after your teeth this summer

Dental veneers add style and confidence to every smile by covering imperfections that we might prefer others not to see. Here we look at some of the most common cosmetic issues that lead our patients to choose to have veneers fitted:

1. Stained or discoloured teeth

Discolouration of the teeth can occur naturally but often comes as a result of eating and drinking products that wear down or stain the teeth, such as sugary sweets and coffee. Smoking is also a common contributor to stained teeth, with many ex-smokers choosing veneers to cover evidence of their former habit.

2. Damaged Teeth

Although teeth are extremely tough and resilient, they are still susceptible to breaking or chipping. In extreme cases this may result in the tooth being removed, but in most instances a chipped tooth will continue to function healthily. Veneers are a popular way of permanently covering such imperfections.

3. Crooked Teeth

It is not uncommon for perfectly healthy teeth to overlap or grow at an unusual angle, often resulting in an unflattering smile. Although veneers can’t straighten teeth, they are proven to offer great results when used to alter the appearance of crooked teeth, giving an impression of even and well-formed teeth and newly found confidence.

4. Gapped Teeth

Diastema (gapped teeth) is a common and completely harmless condition, with celebrities such as Madonna, Elijah Wood and Chris Martin all embracing the gap. It’s not generally considered an imperfection, but for those who would prefer to close any spaces occurring between the teeth, veneers offer an excellent solution.

Worried about how your teeth look? If you feel you’re not smiling with complete confidence and would like to find out more about the advantages of having dental veneers fitted, please click here to find out more or call the Southview Dental Care team on 01732 865021 to book a consultation.

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