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In 2018, it’s worrying that figures from Public Health England show that more than 160,000 five-year-olds have dental decay when they start school[1] and large numbers of these children are being forced to have teeth removed. To help prevent tooth decay in young children and ensure good oral health practices for life, it’s important that we make dental hygiene a positive experience for our kids.

Here we provide some ideas on how to make dental care fun for your children, helping to foster a lifetime of good habits.

Take your child to the dentist for regular check-ups from a young age

As soon as your child’s first milk teeth appear, they are old enough to make their first visit to the dentist. As well as helping to prevent decay and identifying any potential oral health problems, visits to the dentist from such an early age will help them to get used to the experience and opening their mouth so that their teeth can be examined. Dentists will do everything that they can to help make your child feel at ease.

Choose a fun toothbrush

A great way to keep children interested in cleaning their teeth is to give them a fun and colourful toothbrush. It’s usually easy to buy a quality, soft-bristled toothbrush with bright colours, or even featuring your child’s favourite cartoon character.

Use children’s toothpaste

The strong mint flavours of adult toothpaste may put your child off cleaning their teeth. Children’s toothpastes are available in less intense flavours, such as your child’s favourite fruit, or a milder mint flavour.

Brush together

A great way to make sure your child is interested in good oral health care is by making sure that you brush and floss your teeth together. Children love to follow their parents’ example and mimic what they do. By taking care of your teeth together, you can keep a close eye on their brushing technique. After brushing, you can help them to floss, or if they are old enough, show them how to floss themselves.

To make brushing more exciting, you could even incorporate rhymes or songs.

Read books about oral health care

Why not check out children’s picture books that encourage good oral health habits and teach children about caring for their teeth. Books are a fantastic way of encouraging kids to realise the importance of good oral health in a way that is relatable to them.

Try videos or computer programmes

As well as books, other visual, interactive learning methods such as videos and computer games can be great ways to get children interested in their oral health.

If you would like to book an appointment for your child, simply contact the practice by calling 01732 865021. We always aim to deliver an excellent standard of dental care and will do all we can to ensure you and your child feel at ease.

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