National No Smoking Day: How Much Can Smoking Damage Your Teeth?

National No Smoking Day: How Much Can Smoking Damage Your Teeth? - Southview Dental Care

It is estimated that 9.4 million UK adults are smokers* and on National No Smoking Day, we are supporting this initiative to encourage more people to quit. Giving up smoking can not only improve your overall health and lower your risk of disease, but it can also improve your oral health and minimise damage to your teeth.

Smoking can be particularly detrimental to your teeth and oral health, and for your information we have listed below the risks smokers are exposed to and where you can find support:

Discolouring Your Smile

Research has suggested that smoking can have a serious impact on your sense of taste and smell. In addition, it can delay your teeth’s recovery after undergoing a dental procedure. The tar from each cigarette is notorious for discolouring your teeth and tongue and causing unpleasant breath. Your only option is to have the stains removed through professional cleaning with a qualified dentist.

Increased Risk of Disease

Smoking is a leading cause of oral cancer, with research at the University of California reporting that 8 in 10 oral cancer patients were smokers*. Each time you inhale cigarette smoke, the dangerous chemicals will alter your oral cavities before reaching your lungs, thereby putting you at a higher risk of oral cancer.

Being a smoker puts you at a higher risk of Periodontal Disease. This disease is an oral infection, affecting the gums and bone surrounding your teeth. Through poor oral health, harmful bacteria can begin to build up and cause tooth loss. Smokers are at a higher risk because smoking can challenge your body when trying to fight off diseases or repair your gums.

Finding Support

Regardless of your tobacco product of choice, the health risks are always there. Whether you are a smoker or are often surrounded by second-hand smoke, it is time to make a change.

Attending regular dentist appointments will provide guidance on how to persevere with your smoking cessation journey. It will also allow your dentist to monitor your oral health, to ensure there are no issues.

As part of National No Smoking Day, use #TellUsYourWay to see how other smokers are planning on quitting in 2019.

For further advice on smoking, book your appointment at Southview Dental Care today. With a dedicated team of qualified dentists, we are always here to provide guidance and support on your oral health.

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